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Makale: Fast R-CNN – Region based Convolutional Networks

This paper proposes Fast R-CNN, a clean and fast framework for object detection. Compared to traditional R-CNN, and its accelerated version SPPnet, Fast R-CNN trains networks using a multi-task loss in a single training stage. The multi-task loss simplifies learning and improves detection accuracy. Unlike SPPnet, all network layers can be updated during fine-tuning. We show that this difference has practical ramifications for very deep networks, such as VGG16, where mAP suffers when only the fully-connected layers are updated. Compared to “slow” R-CNN, Fast R-CNN is 9x faster at training VGG16 for detection, 213x faster at test-time, and achieves a significantly higher mAP on PASCAL VOC 2012. Compared to SPPnet, Fast R-CNN trains VGG16 3x faster, tests 10x faster, and is more accurate. Fast R-CNN is implemented in Python and C++ and is available under the open-source MIT License at this https URL

Ferhat Kurt

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Sertifikalı eğitmen.

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